Page: Wallpapers

This is the recently launched page named, Wallpapers, which features all the wallpapers made by Niva, the artist.

FAQ [ More to be added if asked ]

Q: Which software do you use to draw these?
A: I use Medibang Paint (mobile app)to draw these.

Q: Which software do you use to edit them?
A: I use Pixlr.

Collection is also available in Google+: https://plus.google.com/collection/UvIgbB

Categories of Wallpapers:

  • Premium: this category includes wallpapers drawn on a special occasion, may include many colours. 
  • Colour Edition: based on a single colour, wallpapers are made.
  • Commissions: requested by a person, these are made.

>You can ask me for requests or commissions.