About Niva2016

All about the artist Nikita Nishiprava a.k.a NN, pen name – Niva Shia. You’ll get to know her music interests, anime interests ( Yes, she is an Otaku.), most often – her original artworks and her digital artworks.-


Hello random ppl!
This is the artist named Niva you’re looking through, all info’s here >>

What she does
– Accepts requests when there’s a request post.
– Will do commissions one day.
– Humans (Anime)
– Not ponies and stuff
– Animals (she sucks at ’em though)
– Portraits
– Character references
– Digital art
– Quote edits
– and all other stuff…

Her story
She started as a newbie (like all people do) and somehow reached it here. [ to be updated later ]

Material she uses
– Sakura Manga-Comic kit
– Faber-Castell Watercolour pencils
– Faber-Castell Bi-colour pencils
– Camlin water colour tubes
– Brustro watercolour paper (300 gsm cold pressed)
– Random company crayons
– Camlin watercolour brushes

Editor she uses

– If anyone wants to request me, please try to do it only on request posts.
– I only draw OC and Fanart.
– No vulgar things drawn.
– Couples in not so intimate pose.
– Gore is hard for me but I’ll try.
[ to be updated later ]

– Sure you can ask me anything ’bout it!
– No problem making quote edits for you (with watermark)
– Fanart drawn seldom.
– Quote edits in my collection “Anime quotes”.



Link to her Google+ collections
Anime quotes: https://plus.google.com/collection/04CFNB
Adroit : https://plus.google.com/collection/gVBpaB
❤Beautiful❤ : https://plus.google.com/collection/AkYlDB
Kaneki Ken : https://plus.google.com/collection/c1RkDB
❀Miku❀ : https://plus.google.com/collection/87mUv
Introduction/Character references : https://plus.google.com/collection/IH2MaB

Thank you for wasting 10 minutes of your life!

google+ https://plus.google.com/113084055765328682340



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