[WIP] Artwork: Friendship

This one was done for my friend’s birthday, it’s not complete yet but I’ll surely complete it soon and post it here and gift it to her!

Camera Used: Sony T2 Ultra (mobile camera) 

Editor : Pixlr 



[WIP] Artwork: Maid Lolita

It’s still a WIP though, but I’ll soon post it’s completed one! What’s left is just coloring it!

Camera Used : Sony T2 Ultra ( mobile camera) 

Editor Used: Pixlr 


New painting!: The colours of Tomorrow

I thought and thought a lot before starting this website, but now I’m glad that I started it (^_^). So going just like that, it’s my first post! I was deeply inspired by nature, so I thought to represent it through a painting! So this is the result, named “The colours of tomorrow”.

Camera Used: Sony T2 Ultra (mobile camera)